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Aragorn Viggo Mortensen Sixth Scale Figure z Pána Prstenů

Aragorn Viggo Mortensen Sixth Scale Figure  z Pána Prstenů

Soška Aragorna vytvořená podle řady The Lord of the Rings high-quality collectibles vycházející z filmové předlohy je vysoká cca 30 cm s detailním zpracováním.

I would have gone with you to the end, into the very fires of Mordor."

Sideshow Collectibles and Asmus Collectible Toys are proud to present the Aragorn Sixth Scale Figure from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The collectible figure features an authentic likeness of Viggo Mortensen as seen in the films and features a detailed costume, elven weapons, and an interactive custom base.

LOTR fans, don t miss your chance to collect the infamous Ranger of the North! The Aragorn Sixth Scale Figure features:

Authentic and detailed fully realistic likeness of Aragorn from The Lord of the Ring trilogy.

· Asmus Toys KP01A+ male body

· Approximately 30 cm tall

· Over 36 points of articulation

Features :

· An authentic likeness of actor from the film.

. A combating expressive head (Only available with pre-order) · One pair of relaxed posture hand · One pair of weapon holding hand · One pair of fist posture hand · One pair of Orc brace (can be equipped on regular 12” body to build an orc) . One sixth scaled Evenstar

Special features on Clothing:

· One elfish cape with leaf pin · One pair of long sleeved undervest · One pair of long underpants · One leather vest · One authentic Aragorn ranger leather coat · One belt plus sheath holder · One pair of leather boots . One traveling gear A . One traveling gear B

Special features in weapons:

· One ranger sword · One elfish dagger · One bow . One sword sheath . One elfish dagger sheath . One arrow/bow holder . Arrow x 6 . One arrow gear


· One interractive cutom base · One Asmus Toys figure stand

There are three aspects to any human sculpt when it comes to grading.

1. Is it realistic? This involves the texture of the skin, the fine detailing of the lips and hair, and the set of the eyes.

2. Is it life-like? This covers that special something that takes a sculpted portrait from mannequin to living being, and is dependent on the expression and muscle tone in the face.

3. Does it look like who it is supposed to look like?

Asmus has been working hard on their human portraits. There was a huge steep forward in the realism of their work creating a truly realistic portrait, namely with Aragorn. The strands of the hair are small and cleanly defined, the facial hair, including the beard and eyebrows, is feathered with a soft transition, and the skin texture is outstanding. Even the glassy, wet eyes are set at the right depth to maximize the overall effect.

Then there is life-like, and again, they have nailed it, at least with the standard portrait. The expression is stoic, with a tightness to the jaw and cheeks and a piercing look in the eyes. This is not a bland expression, nor is it over the top and silly.

But the second head sculpt, originally intended to include a wide open yell, sort of a battle scream, is a miss. They toned that down, but what they ended up with is a hot mess. They eyes don t line up properly and the mouth has a Bucky Beaver look that doesn t remind you of the character at all.

The last consideration is the likeness, or how well the statue matches with Viggo as Aragorn. Yep, they nailed it. The eyes, jaw and chin, and most important - the nose - are perfect. There have been plenty of Aragorn likenesses in figures, statues and busts, but this is the best...from the middle of the forehead down.

There is a nice assortment of hands too, with six (three sets) in all. There is the fists he comes wearing, plus a gripping left and right, as well as a relaxed pose left and right. All the rights are wearing the fingerless glove, and all the lefts come complete with the ring (and sparkly jewel!).

Aragorn is a warrior, and as such needs weapons. Here he has his long sword, small dagger, and longer curved dagger. The long sword is not Anduril, but rather the battle sword we see him with first. This sword fits inside a scabbard on his belt, and the small dagger slips inside a sheath that is part of this overall scabbard. The longer dagger was a gift from Celeborn, and also fits inside a nifty sheath that attaches to the belt. All three of these bladed weapons are metal, but are light weight enough for him to hold in any pose.

That s not it for weapons - he has a bow, six arrows, and a quiver in which both bow and arrows can be stored. The bow has that same rubber-like string that we saw with Bard s bow, and its stretchy quality makes it look particularly good in firing poses.

That s it for weapons, but not for accessories. Aragorn likes a little smoke now and then, and has his long pipe for such an occasion. As a traveling man, he has both a bedroll (with a cool outer leather wrap) and blanket that can be wrapped around his shoulders quite easily.

His bracers can be counted as an accessory as well, because they come as a separate item in the box. You can slip them on, or leave the long arms of the leather coat bare, your choice. He also has the tiny Evenstar on a silver thread around his neck.

He comes with not one but two bases. There is the basic black base for consistency with the rest of the line, plus he has a terrific resin base, complete with mossy growth! It is a set of several steps with the eagle/hawk statue on a post to the side. It is a really nice addition, but be careful when handling it. The moss can be crushed and rubbed off, so try to avoid touching those areas.

There are three layers of clothing on his torso, and yet they all look perfectly in scale thanks to their choice of micro-fabrics. There is a long sleeved cloth shirt, a long leather vest, and his long outer leather coat. This outer coat has thin wires in the the sides and bottom of each hanging section, allowing them to be posed in just about any wind blown way.

There is pants of course, and some interesting soft leather boots. These boots allow for complete mobility in the ankles, but they do make them look a bit skinny. Futzers may want to remove them and pad out the ankles with some soft tissue to get a fuller look. Ignoring that, the boots are excellent, with an interesting design.

Tthe tunic and coat have some nice mud and dirt effects. The outer cloak is complete with the leaf clasp, although it is non-functioning. The cloak is stitched shut at the neck, and you have to pop the head on or off to put it in place. The dirt effects work on the cloak as well, and the super soft material looks great.

He has a single belt to hold the dagger and sword scabbards. There is also a couple small pouches permanently attached to this belt. The fit is good, and the buckle works easily.

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