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The Medieval Scapini Tarot (78 karet) anglicky

The Medieval Scapini Tarot (78 karet) anglicky
Luigi Scapini
Rok vydání:2009
Vydavatelství:Us Games Systems Inc
Skladem: na dotaz
Kategorie:Beletrie, matematika, různé
KARTY, taroty, čtení z ruky, sny
Náboženství a mytologie
Podobné knihy:Tarot Bílých kočiček (78 karet) Tarot of White Cats

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Další obrázky

This is the most recommended pack for beginners and intermediaries alike.

If you are looking to branch out with your mystical dabblings and wish to give your reading new flash, look no further!

One can almost sense the mist rising from the Moon card, or feel the warmth in the Strength card. The Minors are so highly detailed that one is still noticing various flora and fauna. The backs are always important as welll.

These are of a gilt gold tone that dont wear away after years of use.
The tarot is like an oil lamp. It can either light your way, or burn down your house. This particular pack offers the protection of laughter in a reading, which one can find so relevant.
- it has this brilliant sense of humor!
There is one difference from other tarots of a similar nature
It is replete with all the occult trapping and mysterious images one could look for.
This tarot deck is one of the finest in print!
Luigi Scapini created a deck that was rich in style and historical attributes, and here is a companion text worthy of partnership with his deck.
- and sometimes humorous - artwork that comprises this lavish deck.
The author guides the reader through the history of tarot while reflecting upon fifteenth century Italy and the wonderful
The best-selling Medieval Scapini Tarot Deck receives thoughtful commentary from Ronald Decker.

Size: 13.5 x 7.4 x 3 cm

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