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Magic of Flowers Oracle (kniha a 44 karet)

Magic of Flowers Oracle (kniha a 44 karet)

Tess Whitehurst, Anne Wetheim (art)
Vydavatelství:Llewellyn Publications
Skladem:poslední kusy
Kategorie:Karty, taroty, čtení z ruky, sny

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Discover inspiration and remedies for your spirit with the Magic of Flowers Oracle.

Created by Tess Whitehurst—intuitive counselor, energy worker, and author of The Magic of Flowers—this deck is designed to help you quiet your mind and access your inner wisdom.

With gorgeous images by artist Anne Wertheim, this oracle deck connects you to the beauty of flowers, the whimsy of elementals, and the precious miracle of life itself.

• Bougainvillea • Calla Lily • Cherry Blossom • Dahlia • Daisy • Forget-Me-Not • Impatiens • Iris • Lilac • Lily • Orchid • Pansy • Rose • Tulip • Wisteria • And Many More

This oracle deck was inspired by Tess’s book The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties.

When we were working with Tess on the concept, we tried to think about what would make a useful oracle deck. We knew that the meanings and remedies associated with the flowers where ideal for divination. But the card images had to be special. We didn’t want simply a picture of a flower. We wanted something in the image to convey the message in a more evocative way. Not everyone who sees a picture of a carnation would immediately think “rebirth,” which is the meaning of the card.

That’s what makes this deck stand out. It is designed much like tarot. It has includes and is based on standard meanings but the images are designed to evoke responses, to speak to the soul, and to form a bridge between the conscious and subconscious. The instructions in the book tell not only how to use the deck and what each card means (including magical properties), but also includes ways to express or draw the flowers’ medicine into your life.

Finally, we didn’t want to impose numbers on the cards, as they weren’t a natural part of Tess’s system, but we wanted people to be able to look up the flowers in the book easily and quickly. So they are arranged in alphabetical order. It was a simple solution, but the real point is that we tried hard to think everything through to make the best oracle possible. And I think Team Magic Flowers Oracle did a pretty good job.

Tess Whitehurst

is an award-winning author, spiritual teacher, and feng shui consultant. In the Magic of Flowers Oracle she has combined these three talents to create a delightful inspiration for the heart and mind, and a remedy for the troubled soul.

The boxed set includes a deck of 44 cards and a 5”x 6” 256-page companion guidebook. The cards are 2.6”x 4.6” and printed on quality stock. Each card features one of Anne Wetheim’s vibrantly coloured illustrations of a character, bird or insect accompanied by a species of flower.

The guidebook has an introductory chapter which explains the importance of flowers in our everyday lives and the purpose of the oracle deck.

Our coexistence with flowers is characterized by a language that is deeper and more descriptive than any human language and that, through its beauty, strikes to the heart of spiritual and emotional truth…For these reasons and more, flowers are ideal oracular helpers.1

Whitehurst goes on to explain that the Magic of Flowers Oracle is intended to be used as a meditation tool, when you need to find inner peace, as an inspiration tool, when you want to uplift your spirit, and as an oracle, when you need advice pertaining to your personal life.

Before the chapters outlining the symbolic meaning of the cards, there is a section on how to prepare your deck for use. There are three stages: clearing, blessing, and dedicating. Whitehurst says that you can choose any time that is suitable to prepare the deck, though she notes that the morning, day or evening of a full moon is most suitable because these are times of new beginnings.

In order to clear the deck, she recommends lighting a white candle, holding the deck in your left hand, forming your right hand into a fist and rapping on the deck with it. At the same time you should visualize your action cleansing and resetting the deck’s energy. For the blessing stage, she suggests that you light floral scented incense and say a brief blessing. In case you can’t think of one of your own, there is one in the guidebook you can use. Once this is complete, you can dedicate the deck by holding the cards against your heart in both hands and visualizing a sphere of bright energy expanding from your body and filling the deck.

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