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The Big Penis Book 3D (kniha a 3D brýle)

The Big Penis Book 3D (kniha a 3D brýle)
Dian Hanson
Rok vydání:2011
Skladem: na dotaz
Kategorie:Cizojazyčné knihy, slovníky
Manželství, vztahy, sexualita
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Cena 799,00 Kč s 10% DPH

tříjazyčná verze - anglicky, německy a francouzsky
Dodatečné informace:
Dian Hanson
That this is a red-hot gift book is a no-brainer. From the dawn of 3D technology, spears, sticks, guns, and rockets have been aimed at the audience to demonstrate the realism of the effect. The special effects in The Big Penis Book 3D are no less convincing.
The Brain Factory"s technique is so subtle it"s hard to even detect the red/blue tint in many of the black and white photos, but when you put on your glasses the parts of interest leap from the page, not in flat layers as in old-style 3D, but as thick, fully rounded, touchable contours.
Unlike other 3D pictures you may have seen, the photos in The Big Penis Book 3D do not look distorted when viewed without the glasses.
In 3D every page becomes a pop-up! This 220-page, 28 by 28 cm special edition includes 96 images from the original book, plus 8 new bonus photos, transformed into eye-popping 3-D by Jon Schnitzer and The Brain Factory, the geniuses whipping up 3D projects for filmmaker Tim Burton. There is a revised introduction, new layout, and a pair of red/blue anaglyph glasses included.
That pop-up centerfold we joked about adding?
It"s hard to imagine a book that could beat The Big Penis Book for grabbing attention and driving sales, unless it would be those same unimaginably colossal generative units seen in breathtaking 3D.
Watch how they follow you around the room.
Coming at you!
Photographers include Bob Mizer of Athletic Model Guild, David Hurles of Old Reliable, Colt, Falcon, Sierra Domino, Third World, and Champion Studios, with each of these iconic photographers interviewed or profiled, along with information about each of their models. And if this isn"t enough, the book closes with a special surprise comparable to the Guinness Book of Records" Norma Stitz featured in The Big Book of Breasts! Can you guess what body part Dian is dissecting next?
In The Big Penis Book we explore the centuries-old fascination with the large phallus, a fascination common to men and women alike. This hefty book is profusely illustrated with over 400 historic photos of spectacular male endowments, including rare photos of the legendary John Holmes. The majority of the photographs are from the 1970s, when the sexual revolution first freed photographers to depict the male entirely nude.
When it comes to pleasure, size doesn"t matter; as we all know it"s quality, not quantity, that counts. But let"s admit it: a big penis is undeniably compelling. Big shoulders, big lapels, and big hair may come and go, but the big penis never goes out of fashion. With those possessing more than 8 inches (20 cm) making up less than 2% of the world"s population, this rare accessory will always fascinate.
After the bust out success of The Big Book of Breasts TASCHEN presents the perfect companion, The Big Penis Book 3 D.
Undressed to impress
The fascinating phallus

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