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The Big Book of Legs

The Big Book of Legs
Dian Hanson
Rok vydání:2009
Vydavatelství:TASCHEN America Llc (May 28, 2009)
Skladem: na dotaz
Kategorie:Cizojazyčné knihy, slovníky
Manželství, vztahy, sexualita
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Cena 3 499,00 Kč s 10% DPH

The female leg is a sexual oddity. Its non-genital, nearly identical in structure to the corresponding male body part, and there is no obvious reason why it should be eroticized. Yet, through much of history, across many cultures, the female leg was hidden from sight and treated as such a taboo topic that it became an object of intense sexual obsession. In the Victorian era, the word leg was so forbidden that it couldnt be uttered in polite society. In this third book of Dian Hanson wildly successful body parts series, she explores how freeing the female leg became central to women liberation, beginning with the French Revolution and ending with the sexual revolution.
Her many books are The Big Book of Breasts and The Big Penis Book.
Dian Hanson
Its a great book! Buy it!
From a reader:
Learn who wore the first high heels, how nylons became a weapon of war, why Betty Grable were the million dollar legs, while enjoying great vintage photos by Irving Klaw Batters, and other great masters of leg art.
Even now, 80 years after women legs came out of hiding, their allure remains strong.

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