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Emma Frost White Costume ArtFX+ Statue

Emma Frost White Costume ArtFX+ Statue

Soška Emma Frost vytvořená podle předlohy figurální řady Marvel Comics series vycházející z grafického návrhu ARTFX+ Statues lineup je vysoká cca 20 cm s detailním zpracováním.

It Might Be Warming Up Outside, But Everything is Frosty from Where We Stand.

Based on new artwork by Adi Granov, commissioned exclusively for the statue series, and brought to life by Junnosuke Abe, Emma stands just over 7" tall in 1/10 scale in her Exclusive white costume, ready to use her impressive psychic powers with her long jacket and hair flowing around her.

Featured here in her White Queen color scheme, the fierce Frost stands tall as her blonde hair and flowing cape flutter in the breeze.

With a look of intense focus on her face, Emma reaches forward with one arm as she raises her other hand to her temple, concentrating her telepathic abilities on the trouble at hand!

Sculpted by Junosuke Abe with a careful eye for detail, and reaching a full 7 1/2-inches in height with her included display base, she is one member of the X-Men that is certain to be an excellent addition to your collection!

This astonishing mutant is a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, 2016. This item is limited to 2000 pieces.

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