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Angelic Harp Music (Audio CD)

Angelic Harp Music (Audio CD)
Erik Berglund
Rok vydání:2005
Vydavatelství:Oreade music
Skladem:poslední kusy
Kategorie:Andělé, duše, duchovno
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Erik has developed several workshops including Abundance, Relationships, Healing, and Angel Workshops. His work is inspired by the angels and is designed to uplift and heal those parts of us that need beauty and healing.
Erik has contributed to such gatherings as the 11:11 in Egypt, the 25th anniversary of the United Nations, the Gathering of the Masters in New Zealand, the Light Workers gatherings in Australia and Florida, Discover Life in Vienna, Conference Metaphysical in Brazil, the Body-Mind-Spirit Festival in London, the Earth Festival in Texas, the Wesak Festivals in Mount Shasta and Germany, the Whole Life Expos, World Congress of Illumination, Group Avatar Conferences and International MAPs Retreats with Jasmuheen. For many years Erik hosted Mount Shasta Millennium, an international gathering of light workers held in California each summer.
In addition to being an international recording artist, Erik is a sensitive healer whose life has touched thousands via workshops, retreats, lectures and private healing sessions. He facilitates group energy in conventions, conferences and symposiums.
He has recorded many albums, including the following CDs: Angel Chants, Harp of the Healing Light, Angel Flight, Healing Harp of Heaven, Angel Beauty, Harp of the Healing Waters, Somewhere, Endless Light, Harp Music for Children, Creating Abundance, Angelic Harp Music and Angel Paradise.
He also studied meditation, healing and life lessens with the great spiritual teacher Hilda Charlton. He began singing and playing in Renaissance Festivals and then performed throughout New York City, including playing at the United Nations, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Carnegie Recital Hall and Lincoln Center. After moving to the West Coast, Erik expanded to touring throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, South America, Asia, Africa and the South Pacific.
Erik sings like an angel with a refined tenor voice accompanied by the crystalline sounds of his Irish harp. Erik spent 19 years in New York City where he studied harp with legendary harpist Mildred Dilling, the teacher of Harpo Marx.
Erik Berglund
Angelic Harp Music is a devotional offering to the angelic kingdom whose unabounding love, mercy, compassion and grace are musically expressed through the original compositions performed and composed by Erik Berglund. Each piece is arranged and produced by Aeoliah with rich orchestral strings, flute, angelic choir and special digital sound effects that bring a new dimension to the world of harp music.
45:11 min
7. Angel of the Morningstar
6. Angel of Dreams
5. Angel of the Healing Waters
3. Angel of the Wind
2. Angel of Innocence
1. Angel of Hope
Harfa je božským nástrojem, proto hudba Erika Berglunda a jeho skladby s příznačnými názvy jako např. Anděl naděje, Anděl nevinnosti, Anděl větru nebo Anděl ranní hvězdy jsou skutečnými posly z andělských sfér.

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