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Victorian Romantic Tarot MINI Deck (78 karet a krabička)

Victorian Romantic Tarot MINI Deck (78 karet a krabička)

The second edition of the Victorian Romantic deck (November 2012). This time, we have completely reworked the cards, with many changes in images — these include changes to the entire picture on nearly twenty cards, as well as more subtle alterations to colour and line.

The mini includes one extra card, The Fortune Teller, that you can include in your readings or take out to use as a bookmark, or perhaps even to frame.

We feel that the narrative power of the deck is now stronger than ever, and the new imagery is more fluid visually, and brings some interesting new interpretive possibilities.

78 fully illustrated mini cards, 83 * 52 mm (about 3.25 * 2 inches) with an "extra" card, The Fortune Teller and a title card (80 cards in all).

Gold gilded edges.

Printed on high quality playing card stock with a carbon inner layer to protect against bending and creasing. Lightly varnished for durability without a plastic feeling!

Sturdy hinged box for long-term storage. One extra card, "The Fortune Teller".

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