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The Tarot Erotica Cards (78 karet)

The Tarot Erotica Cards (78 karet)
Lori Walls
Rok vydání:2009
Vydavatelství:Q.E.D. Games
Skladem: na dotaz
Kategorie:Manželství, vztahy, sexualita
KARTY, taroty, čtení z ruky, sny
Náboženství a mytologie
Podobné knihy:Zóny stínu

Cena 1 490,00 Kč s 21% DPH

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This item has features and themes that are for adults only. Ages 18 and up. Recommended for mature collectors.

At first glance, this beautifully rendered deck strikes many people as pornography, plain and simple
– more so than Manara s Erotic Tarot, which is often subtle in its eroticism.

The Tarot Erotica is far from subtle, with phalluses, breasts, and vaginas hanging out all over the place on every card and the subject of almost all the cards being sex. Some people would be less inclined to call it erotica because of this lack of subtlety and many may find some of the images disturbing – such as the Three or 10 of Swords.

But this is no mere pornographic slideshow. Nor is it one of those decks where the artwork has not been created specifically for each card (such as the Manara Erotic Tarot, where a lot of Manara s art has been taken from elsewhere and made into a deck).

It also isn t a deck that says all of life comes down, at its bare bones, to sex. It is simply a deck that interprets the traditional card images in a sexual manner.

What amazed me about the Tarot Erotica was that it is not just a pretty face with lots of rude bits – it would also function as a very workable deck, because it contains a lot of symbolism and references to esoteric systems such as Kabbalah, so much so in fact that I have found when reading with it I forget about the nudity and sexual situations on the cards and focus instead on what the card images are trying to convey.

Size: 65 x 107 mm. Booklet: Uk, 47 pages, 63 x 108 mm

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