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Phoenix Archer Sixth Scale Collectibel Statue

Phoenix Archer Sixth Scale Collectibel Statue

Soška Phoenix vytvořená podle předlohy figurální řady DC Comics Fantasy Figure Gallery Collection je vysoká cca 32,5 cm s detailním zpracováním.

Fantasy Figure Gallery Phoenix Archer Wei Ho 1:6 Scale Resin Statue.

This item has features and themes that are for adults only. Ages 18 and up. Recommended for mature collectors.

Out from the ashes the heroine arises, carrying the hopes and dreams of her oppressed people with her.

Phoenix Archer gracefully stands, the gentle breeze lightly tugging at her long dark hair and silky garments, clutching her handcrafted bow tightly in hand.

She knows what she must do to defend her people against a monarchy controlled by power and greed; she must become a champion for her people by robbing the rich and giving back to the poor.

Joining the Fantasy Figure collection, the lovely Phoenix Archer is an inspirational work of art by Wei Ho, affectionately crafted and inspired from the gallant tales of Robin Hood.

The Fantasy Figure Gallery Phoenix Archer Wei Ho 1:6 Scale Statue is crafted from resin and stands approximately 13-inches tall.

Featuring cast-off clothing, the Phoenix Archer includes a numbered display plate, art card, and certificate of authenticity.

The lovely Phoenix Archer is affectionately crafted. Her voluptuous figure is in action, gripping her longbow and very scantily covered with a dramatic red and white outfit. This can be partially removed to reveal Playmate-sized breasts and nipples.

Available in 1/6 scale resin, comes with castoff abilities. Just in the last few months we have discovered this fine line of statues by Wei Ho, and each one of his pieces is superbly well done and as sensuous a statue as we have seen.

His other designs, now available, include Hera Greek Myth Statue Red Assassin Statue.

Also in the Fantasy Figure series, but not by Wei Ho, is Lady Ninja Statue. by Sorayama--Highly Recommended, and limited to 500. Under a pale moon and with the soft rustle of silk and satin, she runs, her long dark hair streaming out behind her. Her golden slippers glide soundlessly on the forest floor as she heads towards the enemy’s encampment, bow in hand. Quickly and effortlessly, she notches an arrow and draws back on the string of the handcrafted bow, drawing a bead on the nearest bandit that had sacked her village. On this night she would have her revenge and they will feel the fire from the Phoenix Archer!

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