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Modern Magick

Modern Magick
Donald Michael Kraig
Rok vydání:1988
Vydavatelství:Llewellyn Publications
Skladem:poslední kusy
Kategorie:Karty, taroty, čtení z ruky, sny
Magie, šamanismus, kabala
Okultismus, spiritismus,hermetik
Podobné knihy:Tarot aneb Stezky moudrosti

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Doskladnění titulu trvá cca 20 dnů.
This book is a must!
In the new, second edition the contents pages contain more information so it is even easier to find what you need, but there is also an entirely new appendix with answers to many of the most frequently asked questions that Kraig has received over the years.
No problem. Each chapter has a bibliography so you can go even deeper into any topic. There is an annotated bibliography at the end with even more resources.
What if you want to know even more about a subject?
Then this book will become the most valuable reference tool in your collection of books.
Once you have finished working your way through this book you will be an accomplished magician. You will be able to perform real magick.
Want more?
Rituals, healing, initiation, talismans, astral travel, creative visualization, psychic self-defense, evocation of spirits, the Kabalah, physical exercise, and magical tools such as wands.
What does it cover?
Follow the lessons, practice the rituals and techniques, and by the end of your work you will be a magician.
It is refined, tested, and easy to understand. It is filled with exercises, techniques, and rituals to help you. It is presented in a series of eleven lessons.
Author wrote this after teaching the information in classes or ten years.
Modern Magick is the most popular, most complete, step-by-step instruction manual on how to do real magick that has ever been published. Already over 100,000 people are using it.

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