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Hera The Greek Myth Goddess Sixth Scale Statue

Hera The Greek Myth Goddess Sixth Scale Statue
This item has features and themes that are for adults only. Ages 18 and up. Recommended for mature collectors. 1:6 scale resin statue stands 15-inches tall! Features partly removable clothing, numbered display base, and certificate of authenticity! Based on the art of Wei Ho! Behold! The power, grace, and beauty of Hera, the Queen of Olympians and married to the God Zeus. Hera is most often remembered for her fits of rage and jealousy over her husband s wandering attentions with mortal women, but Hera was both quite mature and beautiful herself, as demonstrated with this figurine and was also known as the symbol of fertility. Released by Yamato USA and lovingly crafted by artist and sculpture, Wei Ho, let Hera gloriously rule over your collection as she ascends the steps to her pavilion and into your fantasies. The Fantasy Figure Gallery Greek Myth Collection Hera Wei Ho 1:6 Scale Resin Statue features removable clothing. Measures about 15-inches tall and includes an individually numbered display base, and a certificate of authenticity. A large sized, handsomely done statue of the mythic goddess. Nice coloring and good details on her dress, jewelry and bow. She has all the curves of a Playboy centerfold. The clothing is not fully removeable. You can move her bra straps aside to reveal sculpted nipples, but the clothes are also cast so they are not moveable any more than this. Comes with a handsome, numbered display base, and certificate of authenticity! Large, handsome box with color views from all angles. Very nicely done.

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