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Fubuki Ani Girl Armed Figure

Fubuki Ani Girl Armed Figure
Fubuki is fully equipped and ready for battle with her turret and armor. The craftsmanship is apparent in all the fine details of this 1/8 scale sculpt, from Fubuki s weapons and armor down to the pleats of her school outfi. Fubuki stands 20 cm (nearly 8 inches) tall, great for display! Sail the seas with the fantastic ladies of KanColle (Kantai Collection), now joining the elite Ani*Statue series! The first anthropomorphic naval warship “fleet girl” to be captured in statue form is FUBUKI (“Blizzard”), representing the famous Japanese destroyer. Heading full steam into battle, she is fully equipped and ready with armor and weapons. Fubuki appears as a young girl wearing a traditional “sailor” style schoolgirl outfit with a white and dark blue shirt and matching pleated skirt, long socks, and shoes. But her warlike side is readily apparent with the additions of destroyer elements including a backpack of smokestacks and nautical equipment, torpedo launchers strapped to her thighs, reinforced feet, and a mighty double-barreled turret on her right wrist. Even with all of that weighing her down Fubuki prances in a cute pose, lightly stepping forward as she aims her turret with her left hand. This dynamic girl has a fantastic look and is equally detailed in her clothing and hair as she is in her technological and weaponry elements! And, she tops it all off with an adorable expression on her little face. Sculpted by Kaoru Sakaki, Fubuki stands just under 8 inches tall (1/8 scale) on a specially designed base. Display this cute destroyer by herself or alongside other KanColle statues and plastic model kits.

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