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Celestial Girls

Celestial Girls
Stefan Soell
Rok vydání:2015
Kategorie:Beletrie, matematika, různé
Manželství, vztahy, sexualita
Podobné knihy:Geometrie nahoty
Modern Urban Girls (anglicky)

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This item has features and themes that are for adults only. Ages 18 and up. Recommended for mature collectors.

Photographer Soell has quickly gained a following with his outstanding Alpenglühn, Volcanic Girls, and his new Modern Urban Girls. Soell here emulates fresco painters of antiquity and the Renaissance, portraying beautiful nudes with props and backgrounds of mythology. Explicit full nudes.

“In contrast to the opulently staged scenes outdoors in Alpengluhn, Waldlust and Bavarian Landlust, this volume concentrates on representing the models aesthetic qualities. Fresco painters were masters in representing dimension and perspective...many not only depict scnes from world religions, but also gods from the worlds of myth and legend with great imagination and drama.”

“For a time, the remarkable thing is how little in the way of clothing the figures were are actually wearing, a feature pre-figuring the evolution of the nude in formal painting. Many of the paintings show aesthetic, female nudes in allegorical disguise, depicted in scenes of magic and fantasy...”

Soell has taken this medival theme and introduced to it voluptuous, amazing, real-life nudes in carefully staged (but minimally so) scenes of fantasy and myth. Powerful light from the side shapes and forms the models figures, enabling the finest details to be revealed.

When selecting models, Stefan Soell is particularly choosy. We are amazed at how he always manages to find girls with extraordinary character and natural charisma. In addition to Susann, Zoi and Carisha, his well-known muses, about 30 other ladies grace this volume, many of them new. They are all of them Celestial Girls--let yourself be very pleasantly charmed by their supernatural beauty. We are!

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