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Catwoman Luis Royo Collectible Statue

Catwoman Luis Royo Collectible Statue

Soška Catwoman vytvořená podle předlohy figurální řady DC Comics Fantasy Figure Gallery Collection je vysoká cca 33 cm s detailním zpracováním.

Racing across the darkened rooftops of GOTHAM CITY, where the city lights can reach and pursued by the screeching police sirens of GOTHAM CITY PD, SELINA KYLE, also known as CATWOMAN, pauses to catch her breath and check on her evening s prize liberated from a luxurious jewelry store.

Arching her back and looking at the full moon, CATWOMAN wonders if she will see the vigilante tonight. She smiles and purrs at the thought, running her gloved hands across the tight, black leather, outfit she wears… if so, she does hope that he ll enjoy the view.

You too can allow more than just your eyes to travel across the very beautiful SELINA KYLE by owning this sensually sculpted resin statue (by Shin Tanabe) of DC Comics popular CATWOMAN character as imagined by renowned artist and visionary Luis Royo and delivered to you.

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