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Anne Soirées d Or Dress Doll

Anne Soirées d Or Dress Doll
Skladem:poslední kusy
Kategorie: Modely postav (sošky,figurky)

Cena 9 990,00 Kč s 21% DPH


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After timidly ringing the doorbell, Anne is ushered inside and relieved of her soft muff and fashionably golden hat. "This way,Madame," says the butler as he shows her to the parlour filled withguests. Anne s green eyes glance over the room, saying silent hellos, and she makes her way to find a seat on a nearby bench. Smoothing out her golden brocade dress dotted with bows and a fur collar, she takes a seat."Oh! Do you play? Do play us a tune, Anne!" It isthen she notices that she is seated at a piano bench. It couldn t hurt,could it? Turning around with a shy smile, she begins to play, and as she does, her bejeweled earrings catch the light. Dressed doll. Face includes hand-painted details. Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic. Déjà vu head sculpt. 16" Déjà vu body with graceful hands. Cameo skin tone. Painted green eyes with applied black eyelashes. Mink rooted saran hair. Gold brocade dress with white faux fur collar and gold trim. White petticoat. Nude pantyhose with attached panties. Gold earrings. White faux fur neck muff. Gold matching shoes. Gold matching hat with ribbon trim. Gold earrings. Stand. Max 300 ks

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